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America 2.0 | Blog

America 2.0 | Blog

America cannot be made great again, but it can be reborn as something better.

“Writers, especially when they act in a body and with one direction, have great influence on the public mind.” ---Edmund Burke

One way to make a difference, especially in the internet age, is to sharpen your writing skills so you can change the way that others see the world.

We have created a place for right-wing writers, to help you do just that.

Sign up for a free account and get automatically upgraded to full membership., the only online community exclusively for writers on the right, has launched a blog so members of the site can share work publicly. Check it out, read a post or two, and leave a comment or two!

ALSO: We have launched a professional and fully operational independent press. But we will only publish work submitted by members of writing community, so sign up today, while we are still upgrading all accounts to full membership!

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Just a note: We will be offering some great benefits to writers in the very near future: (1) a public blog platform where strength in numbers and quality presentation will greatly increase the likelihood of your thoughts being read and responded to, and (2) a professional publishing operation to help non-leftists impact the culture in a meaningful way.

But it all starts with YOU joining the Burke's Tavern community community, and getting involved.

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