​Mobility Across America-----We want to bring greater mobility to older dogs with animal rescue organizations so that they will be happier and ready for adoption. We have a Mobility Across America shopping bag in which we provide 15-20 travel packs of CanineActiv, 10 sample bottles of our SANZ Sport Laundry detergent (shelters have a lot of laundry), bottle of StayActiv capsules (for people) sample bottles of our SANZ Odor Neutralizer, and window sticker for MAA. We would like to hear back from the recipients about stories of dogs that run, jump and play more after receiving CanineActiv. We have a Spokesdog, Rosie Belle, who travels to rescue shelters promoting the MAA campaign as well. If you would like to join this campaign, please contact me and I will direct you to the person to speak to on this.

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  • This page is about keeping your dog moving and pain free throughout its lifetime using natural safe remedies and therapies.