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#christianity #atheism #politics #democrats so commonly be likin' that #darwin theory.

"If you can convince a man of absurdities... You can convince a man to commit ATTROCITIES" - Voltaire

scientific >spiritual< Discrimination? New form of racism? Superior knowledge, ridiculed/thrown out of academics if you speak out against it?


(btw yes there is good science against the stuff; see Ken Ham's Ark museum in Kentucky)

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This group is for those who believe in The Creator of The Bible, believe he is who he is said to be, that Jesus/Yeshua is his son, and that this place, all that once was originally "very good", was created by The Creator. However not only; it is also for those who have questions to ask about Creation/The Creator(the "idea" or whatever, as some may say). It's basically a free speech group, albeit under The Creator's authority(though how that is determined, well, may basically come down to my interp on things I guess