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Welcome everyone! Thank you for joining. This group is dedicated to lifting up and inspiring each other in art. You are encouraged to use your God-given talents and share them here, be it paint, pencil, ink, or crayon. If you are a writer you are also welcome. We love art in all its forms. The left has hijacked art and uses it for such pathetic and sickening purposes. Let's use it for what it was intended. Beauty and and goodness and ultimately the glorification of Yahweh.

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Got my 2nd of 5 owlets done. #1 was the Snowy Owl Juvenile and now I'e completed Great Horned Owl Juvenile.

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Here’s The lyric video for my new release. It’s about not letting the mainstream media’s fear mongering news cycle cloud your daily life. Please like and share.


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Samuel Liljeholm Hi Samuel! I took down your post because this group is for sharing artwork only. I DID, however post your link to my main page to share it with a wider audience because it DOES indeed need to be shared. Thanks for understanding!

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  • A group for creative conservatives. Come share your art and let us lift each other up in honor and praise.