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Great productive day in the workshop on Friday, makin' up some wooden display boxes to hold the 2A casing hat pins, casing earrings, and casing key chains.
Stay tuned for finished photos after I get them painted up and cleat coated.

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Productive day in the workshop yesterday, creating some 2nd amendment items out of some used casings that were donated to me.
Casing key chains, hat pins, bracelets.
Stay tuned for earrings and other fun items as well.


Converted an instep bicycle trailer into a flatbed trailer today.
The fabric on the old trailer was so shot it was disintegrating.
The frame was still good and so were the 14" wheels.
That was today's project.
I am available for hire to take on various projects like this, as well as other projects.


Making up some new real solid wood legs for an air hockey table.
The previous owner had broken two out the four legs, that were made out of particle board, as were their brace boards. So they decided to give it away for free.
I've always wanted a full size air hockey table, so I decided it was worth my time and it was worth investing in the materials to fix it up.
I'm using 4x4 posts cut down and with 2x4's as braces.
I will paint several coats of paint the new wooden legs, and replace the puck catchers that were also broken by the previous owners.
This is a fun project that will provide many years of entertainment and fun with friends and family.


Made up four wooden Rat's Ass dice holder boards.
These are available for purchase.
Each Rat's Ass board comes with a rules sheet on how to play Rat's Ass Game.


Funk’s Creations is a business I created to make various items out of wood. I started making wooden corn hole boards, and then various decoration boards because I enjoy making things out of wood. Life is all about fun and creating smiles. All the items that I make, can be used as various holiday decorations, or as event props, and home decor.
I also do custom orders as well.
All custom orders must be prepaid at the time of the order.
NOTE: At Funk’s Creations all senior citizens (the age of 55 and older), as well as all armed forces personal and first responders will get a 20% discount on my listed prices.
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