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The Democrat Party stands for bringing criminal illegal aliens across the borders, lying about President Trump with spygate and shampeachment, and attacking the Christian founding fathers. Are Democrats traitors?

A) Yes, traitors betray the USA
B) No, hating America does not make someone a traitor
10 Total votes

Are the Democrats committing treason by trying to overthrow the USA by falsely accusing innocent President Trump?

A) Yes, trying to overthrow the President of America is treason.
B) No, there is nothing wrong with lying.
15 Total votes

Is Eric Ciaramella the "whistleblower" who falsely accused innocent President Trump?

A) Yes
B) No
7 Total votes

Do you believe President Donald J. Trump is innocent, and the Deep State is guilty?

"Donald Trump Is Innocent, and the Deep State Is Guilty" Rep. Matt Gaetz

A) Yes
B) No
11 Total votes

What is the greatest danger to the USA?

A) China
B) The Democrat Party
C) Russia
D) National sins (false gods, homosexual sin, abortion, occult...)
13 Total votes
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