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You are invited to become members of Life Tube Channel! It is a brand new channel with a Members' Forum linked to a mobile phone app, videos & articles with Bible verses by category: Motivational, Bible Prophecy, Spiritual Warfare & the complete New Testament audio Bible with written text. Welcome!

Motivational Videos | Life Tube Channel

Motivational Videos | Life Tube Channel

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2 months ago - Translate - Youtube

Is Christianity now censored? 10% of my views disappeared from my channel end of November 2019, while the new You Tube rules enter into force on the 10th of December. The world is rejecting God's Truth and making up the truth that suits them in order to destroy the concept of sin, so that they may call Evil: Good. Lies and deceit are spread, new laws are enacted, but God's upcoming Judgment cannot be deleted with a strike as God's Word is Truth...

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  • Christian Video Channel - This Group is for all who uphold the authoritative Word of God: The Bible. Channel Rules: This channel is only for quoting Bible Scripture. This means: No extra-biblical prophecies, nor political talk. Welcome to our Bible group!

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