There are 750 Members of this Group ............ Is anyone listening at all?
I will be making an announcement on Monday December 28, 2020 regarding all
the mess going on in our Nation today as it relates to the Watchmen Of America
If you are receiving this message, please let me know that you have been alerted
and will be taking notice of my upcoming message.

Have a Safe and Happy Holiday
Thank you

1st Officer

Prophetic Word for the 14th of July 2022 - The Birth ( 40 days of repentance is vital) He will be seen but many will not believe it is our Lord. The light comes back to the world. He will be preaching the Gospel.
Jude Sabanal ·
The birth of my Son Jesus back onto earth so very soon will be a great event that will not be witnessed by many. Most of my churches are sleeping and can not comprehend that there will be 40 days of repentance.
Remember that the angels said that your Lord and Savior will come back in the same way as he ascended into Heaven. The light of the world will return to the earth. Woe to the wicked and evil generation.
The Birth
The Sons of God will be birthed at the same time when Jesus will appear physically on the earth. They will be the witness of the light in many dark corners and valleys. The harvest of the ages will begin.
The end of the last seven years of the spirit will allow a new beginning. The season of the light. Good and bad will do battle with one another for the Glory of my Kingdom and to set the captives free.
The Birth
Wait for the birth of my son Jesus back onto the earth and seek my Kingdom and its righteousness above all else. You are prepared well and blessed beyond measure in your new destiny.
It will all begin in the month of August. Until then the anointing will continue to fall on many of my chosen vessels and the transformation of body and soul will be prepared. There are many gifts, mantles and resources stored up for you in Heaven.
Triple Grace

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May 27, 2022\


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