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Could we now be seeing the end of Elite pedophile and sex trafficking rings in America? Is Hollywood Crumbling under the weight of all the whistleblowers and testimonies being revealed in Ghislaine Maxwell, Jeffrey Epstein, & Harvey Weinstein court cases? #savethechildren #saveourchildren

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Let’s look at #antifa, #blm & the orchestrated efforts by big money backers like #soros, the #un, and #socialistdemocrats that are now ruining the #democratic Party. Can we now be honest that America is under an attempted Communist takeover? Their next big step is to take out Trump & his team since they are the last men standing in their way of a complete subversion of America by way of #mail-in Ballots!

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"Disinformation streams: Dating back to early cartoons, one can remember images of a mad scientist transferring consciousnesses of people or animals with people. This theme is pervasive throughout popular cartoons and TV programming. It is always spoofed with absurdity and the idea that it is science fiction. I found early scientific research that really investigated #eeg #heterodyning using electrodes or electrostatic plate hats to read brainwaves and write them to someone else. This mind control pursuit is very old indeed. Cartoons have been used to discredit this science and anyone who speaks about it." - Robert Duncan Matrix Deciphered

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In our continued discussion of Robert Duncan's book Matrix Deciphered we talk about the exact tactics being used today by various governments & intelligence agencies that target both the masses and individuals with EEG mind-melding technologies.

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Most people in the world today know that manipulation of man has been underway for decades and that Mind Control is a fact of life in this day and age. The only issue most people have not figured out yet is how we are manipulated exactly or how does the system they use works on us. Today we dive once again into the #hivemind of what was developed to control and manipulate Mankind.

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In our last video, we talked about the practice of stealing another person's life force or #qi. Today we finish our discussion on Life Worship or #human #sacrifice beliefs and #cults that in history lead people to take from others & includes human sacrifice. Today we talk about the light and dark side of life.

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