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I have now put a 4x32 scope on my Glenfield 60. Now for another sight-in when it can be done. lol

I now have a BSA red dot on my Hi-Point 995 classic. Upgrades, yo!

I didn't do much here for a while. Sorry guys. lol

The last bangstick I bought was a Hi-Point...

995 Carbine.... lol

Glock-Glock, knowwhati'msayin'?

Me and my wife with the 21 @ 10 yards.


If any of you guys have that dreaded, hatedy-by-the-left, AR-15 that kills schools and babies with a dreaded clip that holds bajillions of bullets and that thing that goes up and causes mass-hysteria, if you have a red dot on yours what distance do you zero at? I'm leaning toward that 50 yard one. lol.

I also think I need to re-do my grip on the pistol grip. I was getting crap groups at close range. It seems to wiggle too much if I hold it where I can get the end of my finger in the usual spot. If I "choke up" on the grip where it seems more stable I've got the middle of my finger on the trigger. Dry-firing from there to test how it moves makes it seem a lot more stable. I don't have this issue with my N-PAP though. It lines up just fine. The distance from trigger face to back of the grip is a lot shorter on the AR platforms.


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