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I want to share this... in case you are wanting a natural way to use plant medicine! I love the quality and purity of our oils here at Doterra... They are safe for everyone including the fur babies!

We have a lovely special this month where you could get 3 free oils when you join with a wholesale membership! I will teach you how to use them, here and in monthly consultations! I am passionate about helping others to have the freedom of living toxin free!

Click on my website to learn a bit more... www.happyoillife.com

Or you can click here to order this kit...https://doterra.me/M0Hhsd6C

Or get the "try a bit of everything" kit! https://doterra.me/PLQwogHH

I will schedule a call with you in a week to help you set up all your oils and diffuser and get you on your way to taking care of yourself naturally!


Lavender...one of natures most calming aromas! And there is good reason... the chemical constituent in it calms every part of us that needs it! I love using it to calm the skin... especially after too much sun! Which happens here in Florida a little too often!

Have you used lavender?


A natural cleaner... simple, chemical free. A boosts to your immune even while you clean~


As promised, different ways to make cleaners at home that is cost effective and safe for you to inhale and be around. I am so glad we ditched all the chemicals. I have less headaches, seasonal discomforts are gone, and my liver thanks me too!

What do you use at home? Do you need help with cleaning out the cleaning products?!

If you need ideas and help, let me know! This is what i love to do! Help others to feel better and be healthy!

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