This was sent to me from some high-up friends. This is not a joke !! For the next few weeks will be a turning point for America and other countries of the world. The world pandemic is very real, but is also being used that will accomplish many things under cover. You had better have your hardhat on and buckled down real good because this country is about to be rocked to it's core. I am posting this here first because I will probably go to FB jail after I post this on my facebook page. WARNING !! In the videos 5 through 8 are very graphic and not made for the weak heart-ed. One would have never thought that our own country could have ever be in so deep of pure evil that the mind can't compute it. And YES, Mark, CEO of FB witnessed first hand child sacrifices and remarked about it. Brace yourselves..


A 10 part mini docu-series that exposes the world as we [don't] know it.