Every morning I spend some time reading a website which constitutes a series of sections. I start with RealClearDefense and then go on to other sections. I also always read the religion section as that is of importance to me and today it featured an article from Mr. David French who made some real good points about White Evangelical support for President Donald Trump.

He spoke about the distinctions made regarding President Clinton and President Trump when it comes to philandering and both do have that history. The difference right now, and it may be due to a lack of information on the current sitting President, but President Clinton continued these behaviors while in the Oval Office whereas, as far as we know now, President Trump has not.

Mr. French also makes a point of President Trump playing fast and loose with the truth at times, could be. We know his opponent in the last election, while holding the office of Secretary of State lied under oath regarding Benghazi and her email server as well as destroying evidence which was under supoena. Mr. Trump, in that battle will get my vote on veracity every time.

We then come to the issues of social justice of which Mr. French skirts the issue. I will be very direct and not skirt anything. No one has the right to what I earn. What I, as a good steward, choose to do charitably is my decision as an investment in the Kingdom of God and to ensure it gets the best use and goes directly to dealing with the issues at the root of the problem. I do so quietly because it isn’t for my glory but for the Glory of God and the growth of His Kingdom. Government programs have not been effective; if they were, generations of the same families would not still be on those programs.

I also hold them to account for holding on to false ideologies, like Socialism, which have never worked wherever they have been implemented. Socialism says my God given rights aren’t God given; rather, they are gifts from the secular state which can be removed at any time. You know, rights like freedom of expression, freedom of association, freedom of religion and it is interesting to watch as the governors of differing states and differing parties regard those rights and either support or suppress those rights in this very difficult time. It is very telling about their party’s regard for those rights.

I do also hold politicians to account for their stands on issues like abortion, religious liberty, other issues of Biblical morality, and what kind of judges they appoint. I also hold them to account for political issues like going after opposition politicians with less that honest FISA warrants and false impeachment charges. All of it together is why I voted for President Trump in the last election.