I wrote an open letter to the nursery leader of my former church and her husband, the parents of three children. The parents banned me from seeing their Facebook pages. I changed the names of the members of that family that I mentioned to protect the children. I believe the Demonic put bad thoughts about me into the minds of the parents mentioned above after I started offering Christian fellowship at a park. The letter is at this link http://ronbu.x10host.com/letter.xht . You can pray for the healing of that relationship. I am offering fellowship at Lake Sacajawea Park at a picnic table by the corner of Kessler and Hemlock in Longview, Washington on Saturday, May 9 at 11:O0 PDT. I don't know of any one else in the Longview-Kelso, Washington area on usa.life . I don't know of any church in Longview that is having publicly advertised fellowship gatherings. The Governor of Washington has an unconstitutional shelter-in-place order.

An Open Letter to the Nursery Leader of my Former Church and Her Husband