On, the Sunday night service at Life Tabernacle Church in Louisiana's youtube video. I put the following message. "​Longview, Washington pastors take notice. You will be persecuted here, but you will be rewarded in eternity for opening up your churches." I do respect the Senior Pastor of Valley VIew Church in Longview, Washington; but VVC has not had an in person service since March. I know it would cause problems for this Senior Pastor's little daughters if he had to pay a large fine or went to jail; but he could give the pastorate temporarily to someone who could better afford to take the risk. Some other pastors in Longview could better afford to take this risk. The reason the pastors gave for not having in person services is that members might spread COVID-19. I believe if the pastors pray to God they can prevent that from happening, except for some people to go to Heaven whom God intended to go at that time. It would greatly benefit people who have non-contagious illnesses if the pastors can lay hands on them for their healings.