I am starting into my third month of shelter in place due to COVID-19, going to stores occasionally for supplies such as food and toilet paper. I am glad President Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine. He is getting in the face of "experts" whose primary consideration is to not let this crisis go to waste. If President Trump is right and we already have a cure for COVID-19, then it is "game over" for the those who are prolonging this catastrophe in an all-out effort to get Donald Trump out of office. I am not now taking hydroxychloroquine and do not plan to take it unless symptoms of a disease treatable with it appear. I am taking vitamin C, vitamin D, and zinc, all three now considered to increase resistance to COVID-19. Those three are not drugs. A drug is something you take to get well when you are sick. A vitamin (C and D in this case) and a mineral (zinc in this case) is something you take to stay healthy. A note of caution: you can overdose on a vitamin or a mineral just as you can overdose on a drug.