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My NEWEST #survival Article on the Dystopian Survival website:

Dystopian Survival: Special Gear, Skills, and Tactics for Modern Life
By Timothy Gamble

Although the term "urban" is most often used to specifically mean big cities, in truth most people live in urban areas. By this, I mean most of us live in and interact with "civilization." Few people today truly live in remote wilderness areas completely cut off from civilization. We are around other people, businesses, cars, roads, trains, stores, homes, apartments, power plants, power lines, and other aspects of civilization. We are all urban dwellers, including folks living in small towns or even out in the "boondocks." Because of this, our ideas of "survival" need to go beyond just wilderness survival, and include urban survival, even if you don't live in a mega-city.

So, what does urban survival look like? The following is a list, in no particular order, of some of the gear and skills that are useful for us urbanites, along with how they might be used for urban survival (their "tactical use". Some of the gear listed should be part of your urban everyday carry (edc), while other gear should be part of your home survival gear, bug-out bag, or get-home bag.

Read the rest at https://www.dystopiansurvival.....com/2020/03/dystopia