Jeff Hertzog added new photos to Radio America USA
9 months ago - Radio America USA wants to have radio (and now new feature TV - If I get donations I'll get 2 domains for Radio America USA for .video and .tv) Shows, that are alternative to the main media, third party independents, health freedom, Bible based shows. RAUSA hosts the Robert Scott Bell Show Monday through Friday from 3PM to 5PM, 2PM to 4PM Central and 12 Noon to 2PM and on weekends there is a show 'on demand' which hosts "God Said Man Said" and more. I would love to do actually live streaming, but it does take donations, I have a Paypal button on the RAUSA website, when you watch Fox News, CNN, etc. they have sponsors, I need the American People who love Freedom and Love our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to donate, I understand it is a risk, but life is a risk, sorry I am not at this point a 501c that take money and a lot of headache to do, Thank you all for your support for all my websites!