Is the Torah still in effect today? - WWY Vblog # 19

Noe here with Walk with Yah ministry (WWY). WWY does deliverance ministry or exorcisms, teaches on spiritual warfare as well as how to apply the Bible to your lives so to keep demons away. We have to understand the Bible was given to us for our benefit. It doesn’t explain everything spiritual but it gives us enough for life - for salvation, deliverance, prosperity, etc. And while it’s true that the Bible has changed some due to interpretation, translations, and even some scribal errors, the Bible still contains enough Truth if a person seeks it. Yeshua / Jesus said if we persistently seek His Truth He will show us the way (Mat 7:7-11, Rom 8:28).

This is why we have to have a relationship with the Ruach haKodesh / the Holy Spirit to lead us into His Truth (John 14:26, John 16:13). Of course there are many ways that He can do this, through teachers, as He gives more in-depth revelations as we read the Bible or ponder on His ways, maybe even by this video, etc.

But obviously we look around and see that Scripture is often twisted, taken out of context, misapplied, etc. We shouldn’t find this strange as that’s what satan did with Eve in the garden and even had enough pride to try that same strategy with Yeshua, the Living Word Himself. The Bible says satan aims to change the appointed times, to change the Torah, and he is trying to wear out the disciples (Dan 7:25).

satan and his minions have nefarious purposes and even if they can get people away from Yah’s Truth by a few degrees, keep disciples complacent, or even cause division they are happy with that for awhile anyways.

WWY wants to bless as many people as possible with Biblical and spiritual truths (Mat 5:18) as I believe this will help us to win our earthly battles as well as earn future eternal rewards (Mat 6:19-21). I believe Elohim has no greater joy than to see His people walk in biblical truth (3 John 1:4). Walk with Yah also wants you the beloved to know what we stand for (1Th 5:12) as the Bible says to know those who labour among you.

So with all of this in mind the question is being asked ‘Is the Torah still in effect today?’. Keeping in mind that much of the Torah cannot be done today because there is no temple, that much of the Torah is meant for specific people groups at different times, and that many people follow the Torah today as they still believe in the 10 commandments whether they are aiming to follow the Torah or not. Consider that the rest of the Torah - Leviticus, Numbers, etc. - is really a detailed explanation of what the generic 10 commandments actually mean - of how Yah defines how we are to carry out those commands (Deu 12:8).

Fortunately, what I’m about to share does NOT keep WWY from ministering to disciples from different bible-based religions - that believe in Yeshua as their Savior NOR will it keep Yeshua’s disciples from entering into His Kingdom.

Want to know more? Then click on the video to watch. ;-)

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