#fakenews #msm #msmhateamerica just don't get it!

It's not your job to comfort me with your perverted view of the news!

True journalism doesn't need to be defended!

Shall we list all of the news anchors who have been caught in a blatant lie and removed in shame?

You call yourselves #americans, I call you anti-American dipshits who couldn't see the truth if it bit you on the ass!

How many of you morons are related or married to a stupid #democrat ?

You're pathetic claim of transparency and #truth is quite frankly BULLSHIT! 🙄

True journalism IS as dead as #democrats!

Part of the The Five Ws - What, where, how, when, why and who

If it reads and sounds like bullshit, centrally-plans like bullshit, and redistributes like bullshit then it is probably all bullshit!

I'm not a #russian bot and I don't get my news from #facebook or #twitter but I did stay in a #holidayinnexpress 😉

So please spare me your bullshit!

Karma is coming for every one of you bitches!


PISSED OFF #american