Public Advocate urgently asks you, if you live in Pennsylvania, and know of
election fraud to use this Fight Voter Fraud link to report fraud and Attorneys will work with them to prepare affidavits after they fill out their complaints.

Volunteer attorneys working with other attorneys in Pennsylvania
tell me they need 100 affidavits in Pennsylvania from all over and they are working now to obtain qualified affidavits. This legal team will use referrals from this website.

Priority One
Public Advocate asks supporters to file reports if they are aware of irregularities in Pennsylvania.

Priority Two
Public Advocate asks supporters in the six other contested states Georgia, Arizona, Nevada, Michigan, Wisconsin
and North Carolina to also file reports using this Fight Voter Fraud link

Priority Three
Public Advocate asks supporters in all 50 states to get this around now to their friends in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Arizona
Nevada, Michigan and North Carolina. There are no legal contests in other 43 states
only these 7 states and anyone who is a friend of yours or relative should circulate this central fraud website dedicated to election fraud.

This group Fight Voter Fraud will refer reports to the federal law enforcement so that U.S. Attorneys can respond and also to the legal teams associated with the current election fraud law suits in the public courts to cancel all illegally cast ballots.

Report Voter Fraud – Fight Voter Fraud Inc.

Report Voter Fraud – Fight Voter Fraud Inc.