Hello, my friend. I am glad to be connected with you!!!

I am trying to send this message to all my family, friends, and contacts. Even to friends that I know personally including, pastors, evangelists, Bible teachers and etc. That way I won't miss anybody. I have known of preachers who got saved after they had been preaching for years. I am just saying that salvation is a relationship between you and the Lord Jesus Christ and I cannot judge your heart. You know and God knows!!! I cannot be certain of anyone other than myself.

If you will be born again, you will NEVER be sorry for even one second in all of eternity!!!

If you are already born again, GREAT. Praise God!!! But if not, now would be a good time to take care of that. It could be your last chance!

I am not God and I cannot know your heart but I do know that there is ONLY one way to Heaven.

I want to stroll over Heaven with YOU some glad day!!!

If you know that you are not ready to face God, if you aren't sure of your eternal destiny or if you are just seeking the truth, please take a moment and read the attachment.

If you TRULY believe what it says (it is all Bible truth), trust it in your heart of hearts, and do as it says, you can KNOW that Heaven is your eternal home.

1 John 5:13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. (KJ

This is NOT what Butch Cates says. This is what God says. He cannot lie nor can he fail.

Titus 1:2 In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began; (KJ

Zephaniah 3:5 The just LORD is in the midst thereof; he will not do iniquity: every morning doth he bring his judgment to light, he faileth not; but the unjust knoweth no shame. (KJ

Please click on the link below to read "God's Simple Plan of Salvation".