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"The main issue I have with more democratic, one might even say socialistic, even communistic-I want to be clear, I don't mean that in a bad way(imagine how weird that might sound coming from a more so hardcore conservative lol), I even mean it in a good way, but partially- that is the point I am getting to. Under a perfect person/government/people, a monarchy/communistic/democratic government would have no problems; it would be the ideal system. I fully acknowledge, basically, that democratic policies sound better, and would be better, if reality were that way. I even believe that this world will go that way(sadly; Ima be "opting out"/"offed", as I see beyond it, the "re-education" won't be doin' anything for me), but as mentioned there, it will only be "perfect" for those who want to believe the system is perfect, and that system... Not go'n' be"

We may lose for a very brief moment(by "moment" I mean in comparison to, well, > ) as the authority in this world may be the "father of lies", but doesn't mean we can't go down swingin' lol. Jesus be The Truth, so if it points to him, don't stop(and the more "pointed" the sword the better)

Matthew 10:30-37
Those who work to make sure they say what is right, don't rashly call others liars or unreasonable, yet those who don't care, easily do? When others call them wrong, they don't quickly reply, because they see that they probably are also right, to an extent?

of nihilism; I'd say "progressivism" is what, well, as things "progress"... "time"... "2nd law of thermodynamics"...

The point/reason we have a sinful nature/have fallen, could be to show(Universe-sized point) that there >isn't< any reason behind it? To show that there is >no reason<ing behind it; it's a lack of thought/good? Kinda what I'm thinkin' atm