I have 14 years experience as a high school science teacher. I built an online science academy to help homeschooling families teach science at home. Real science, not fake COVID science. My degree is in Biochemistry and I unashamedly teach from a Biblical point of view.

My website is http://www.mrkscienceacademy.com. I am available for teaching science in your home over the internet for the 2021-2022 school year October through the very end of May with adherence to Missouri (where I am based) state homeschooling standards with modification to meet the needs of students in any different state they may reside in.

I am also open to being hired to teach in a Christian environment that supports real science (not fake, COVID science and teaching the next generation the difference). While I did build my own website to continue my teaching career outside the system, I would love to be a part of what God is doing to provide education for the children of His people without having to be a Lone Ranger.

Thank you for considering me for your science education needs, Jon Klement.