Prayer Against The Great American and Taiwanese Christian Genocide

Warning! If you target or help to target this post, feel free to join as a defendant of a Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit and counter-suit.

As long as the abortionists and fagnazis continue to murder unborn children and encourage the persecution of my true brothers and sisters in Christ, I will pray for their abortion and persecution by God, every single day when I wake up and I go to sleep. Many of the so call leaders and Christians refuse to call out those responsible for this atrocity just to protect their own comfort, money, and career or to hide their own corruption. May they share the due punishment, guilt, and inequity of these evil doers in their attempt to devalue human life!

Lord Jesus, I pray for the immediate death and losing every single election this very date of all supreme court justices and every single judge and judicial officer, and all presidents, premiers, bureaucrats or elected officials in every nation and tribe, on the national, regional, state, province, and local level that is secretly or openly supporting the murder of yet to be born human beings and/or pushing the homosexual agenda as well as those who supports and finances them knowingly and willingly. Let your enemies not have an excuse to accuse you of participating in these things by not timely act on behalf of those who cannot defend themselves.

Let those supported and continue to support them for the express purpose of continuing legalization of abortion and/or advancing homosexual agenda never cease to have murder victims in their family all the days of their life starting with themselves, and may they be without any offspring, physical or adapted from now until eternity for their part as accomplices in this genocide and persecution of your people.