My Dear Friends, Everyday the economic collapse we are in gets worse.  You must plan ahead for some very difficult years.  Guard your assets, and stay out of debt. 

This post shows deep concern for those who are presently relying on social security.   In a collapse your earned social security monthly payment could potentially be worth nothing.  Protect yourself by doing everything you can to pay of your debts.  You don't want to add debt to your lack of income.  Debt is both a legal and moral obligation.  If Social Security goes belly up, how will you pay off your debts? 

You need to become a prepper if you have not yet done so.  You need to be a Christian who preps today!

This is serious.  Here is a small excerpt from a previous post that it might alert you to the extreme danger we are in:

An Excerpt From A Previous Post  "No matter how you want to crunch the numbers, everyone should be able to agree that millions upon millions of Americans are really hurting financially and are deeply concerned about the future.

And they have good reason to be concerned about the future, because our economic system is in the process of imploding.

For decades, the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world allowed us to enjoy a level of debt-fueled prosperity that was far greater than we actually deserved.

Now the party is ending, and our society is going to experience an enormous amount of pain as everything changes."  Dave