What is The January 6th Avalanche Project?


Our slogan is “Burying Evil Under a Mountain of Mail”.

Moved by the recently released public letter of Nathaniel DeGrave concerning the treatment of the January 6th political prisoners in Washington, DC., I wondered and pondered and prayed about what the average American can do to help. I remembered a mass mailing in 2009 by Joseph Farah of World Net Daily in which a million pink slips were mass mailed to Congress.

I imagined what could happen if a few million Americans literally buried the detention center in piles of millions of letters putting the facility on notice that:

Americans ARE watching.

Torture, dehumanization, and barbaric conditions for prisoners are NOT acceptable in the USA. Those things are hallmarks of places such as the former Soviet Union, North Korea, etc.

I believe with all my heart that Americans desperately need a “win” right now, for their morale, for their courage, for their spirit.

The January 6th Avalance Project intends to include Adopt-A-Patriot Penpal opportunities in our program as well as send a veritable avalanche of over a million physical, on-paper letters to the DC detention facility protesting the despicableness of the facility.

Once we have the information we need, we intend to launch a website and crowdfunding to send letters via certified mail.

We plan to use certified mail so that it will be clear which letters came from the January 6th Avalanche project and which did not. I am old enough to remember 9/11 and I remember the anthrax letter scares afterwards. At the January 6th Avalanche Project, we would not want our efforts to uplift the American spirit to be undermined by imitation, copycat letter writers attempting to smear us with dirty tricks.

We have secured webhosting, a web designer, and are researching how the USPS might handle such a large undertaking. We plan to use GiveSendGo for the crowdfunding.

Thank you for your time and your concern,

God bless you.

The January 6th Avalanche Team