I do not condone parents encouraging or allowing children to dress as devils, witches, ghosts, vampires or other ghoulish characters on Halloween. However, I do favor churches giving candy to children on October 31. The church I go to is giving candy to children. They are having a Trunk O' Treat. It is at Valley View Church at 1435 33rd Ave. Longview, Washington from 5 to 7 PM PDT. Many other churches in America and other countries are giving candy to children on October 31. Parents could have their children dress up as non-ghoulish characters such as Bible characters instead. If, you don't want to celebrate Halloween on October 31 you could celebrate birthdays that day. Christian celebrities that are now with Christ, Ethel Waters and Dale Evans were born on October 31. I have a relationship with a Senior sweetheart in Indonesia who was born on October 31.