Our God is a good God. And because He created us in His likeness and image, He wants us to reveal His goodness. He wants us to be good wives and mothers. Oh my, sometimes we feel as though we are “bad” wives and mothers. We can fail so often.

But it’s good to encourage one another, isn’t it? Our best encouragement comes from God’s Word itself. Did you know that the word “good” occurs 720 times in the Bible? It’s all about God being a good God and us doing good things. And many times this word is written especially to us as wives and mothers.

1 Timothy 5:10 tells us we must have a REPUTATION FOR GOOD WORKS. And what are these specific good works?
Embrace child rearing
Practice hospitality
Washe the saints’ feet
Help those in distress
Show forth all kinds of good works

This Scripture also tells us to DILIGENTLY fulfil all these good works. Acts 9:36-42 gives us the example of how we are to be FULL OF GOOD WORKS.

1 Timothy 2: 10 tells us to DRESS ourselves with good works. We should be more concerned about doing good works than worrying about what we wear.

Titus 2:3 exhorts the older women to be TEACHERS OF GOOD THINGS. And what are these specific good things? I now you know them but it’s good to remind ourselves, isn’t it?

To be self-controlled
To love our husbands
To love our children
To be discreet
To be pure
To be keepers at home
To be good and kind
To be submissive to our own husbands

Do you notice that all these things are to do with home and family? They are not only good things, but BEAUTIFUL things. The word also means “lovely and beautiful.” The Passion translation says the older women are to be “teachers of beautiful things.” God doesn’t want us to do them in a skimpy way. Grudgingly. Or survival mode. No, He wants us to do them exuberantly.

Dear mother, you are DOING A BEAUTIFUL WORK in your home as you pour out God’s nurturing heart to your children and to the needy around you.

Be encouraged and blessed today, Nancy Campbell