"All of this amounts to grounds for mistrial. The odds of the foreperson being biased to this degree and discussing the case on social while it is going on is enough standing alone. If you've ever served on a jury to know damn well that's not permitted, nor is engaging in any sort of media (or personal) discussion of the case outside of the courtroom during the time you are serving. You are required by your oath as a juror to consider only the evidence presented in the courtroom; this woman's actions constitute intentional misconduct and that, standing alone, is sufficient to require the conviction be thrown out and the case retried.

Second, this act of intentional misconduct by the prosecutors cannot stand. They all supposedly "quit in disgust" at being overruled but the facts appear to show that they lied to their bosses about their intended actions. Had they not resigned the proper thing to do would have been to immediately fire them."

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Stone: Oh Please in [Market-Ticker]

Stone: Oh Please in [Market-Ticker]

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