Due to my up close and personal experience of working the San YsidrSan Diego entry) and there terrible porous borders of Arizona, everyone should be greatly concerned. The late and not so great John McCain's state borders have been among the worst for years. When I supervised a checkpoint detail on the Arizona side of famed Hoover Dam I saw first hand criminals gaining access to these United States.

So when I see moronic Democratic candidates advocating open borders I become beyond angry. President Trump has addressed the issue without the halp of ass-wipe Demos and many miles of the new wall with lighting is up. If you doubt my word, go to my page on USA.Life and scroll down to my page titled TRUMP'S BORDER WALL. It will open you eyes.

I never paid attention to Congress, senators, or Washington until Trump promised to fix our porous border walls. He's made amazing progress despite opposition and that's why I jumped on the Trump train. God bless this man. He has done more for this country inmy 84 years than anyone.

For years I lived in Tijuana, crossing the San Ysidro border thousands of times to get to my security job in LaJolla, California. Trump is spot on about the wall, the tunnels, the firm ground that is needed for equipment to detect underground tunnels and beyond.

If you are not concerned about our borders, think about this. Those factions who have gained entrance to the USA illegally may be carrying the dreaded virus that has our country shutdown in many states. So much for the ****s of the Democratic party who continue to encourage Mexicans, illegals from other countries, to make their way into these United States.

Know your terrain before you advocate such insanity. We are under siege. I hope ICE and border agents are allowed to run their illegal asses back across the border immediately. They have no rights. They are criminals. And many of them are probably infected. Think about it.