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For all things Christian Prophecy & End Times!

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Feast of Trumpets is on October 17th in 2020 NOT September

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Rise My Bride For Your GLORY Is NOW!
•Sep 23, 2020

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I Was Shown When The Rapture Will Occur
•Sep 22, 2020

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Dana Coverstone’s Vision | September 14th | Jesus Said Get Ready To Run |
•Sep 22, 2020

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!!WARNING!! APOCALYPTIC signs || JESUS CHRIST spoke about this on August 14th, 2020.
•Sep 13, 2020
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AUGUST 14th, 2020 at 133pm from JESUS.
My son many are not ready. This is a final warning to all GOD’S people. Many are foolish and not watching for my coming. My son remember when I told you that I was warning through fires and floods a while back? Yes father, I remember. My son these storms or weather events are going to increase in frequency over the coming months that not one person will be able to stand. My son this is the beginning of the great tribulation foretold in the holy bibles book of Revelation. My son take heed and warn all that time is extremely short and my coming will change all things as those left will witness hell on earth. My son once again I wish none to perish but come to the knowledge of my saving grace. The clock is ticking down to chaos, destruction and death.

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