A baby boy was born unto a man and woman in holy matrimony on this earth and not known to him his life would be filled with a great sadness.

At the age of two he lost his mother and a great sadness fell upon and filled his living soul. His father too was sad and initially to keep his boys together he placed them in a boys home and went his way and for five years this little boy child and his brothers resided in this place.

Yes their father came back at times to visit but his sadness was always present when these times came to pass. He never spoke of his sadness to his sons and so this little boy's heart too was filled up with a great sadness.

In time the father remarried and his sons went to be in this new home. It was never a happy home but the little boy grew and grew, always alone though people were around him.

The sadness never left him wherever he went and he sensed the sadness growing in the heart of his father as time moved on. His father never spoke to his sons of their mother and because of the sadness that had captured him he sought solace in something that would dull his pain.

All this little boy wanted was to please his father and so followed in his footsteps and he joined the armed forces.
 For three years he stayed in that place and learnt about disciple, serving a greater cause than himself and being part of something that resembled a family.

After his time in that place he became a law enforcement officer which enforced traffic laws. He found there that it was very similar to the Armed Forces in that it resembled a family. But even in this place the little boy inside of him still walked in this great sadness and it grew stronger as each day passed.

Along his highway he came to a place where he sat with his father bedside for three days and watched him take his last breath. Even then his father did not talk to his sons about his sadness and their mother.

When he took his final breath his little boy broke down and wept bitterly for his heart told him he loved his father and his father loved him but it was never spoken between the two.

Further down the road of life he himself married but it was doomed to failure for it was to built on the wrong foundation. He stayed in this marriage till this sadness drove him to leave to try and find out the answers to his great sadness.

The blessing of this marriage was that in this time he had two children, a boy and girl but they too were affected by a loveless marriage and it breaking apart.

It was not until much later did he realise that the sadness he carried was passed on to his children, for how his father walked he too had walked the same road.

This little boy now a grown man walked many highways and byways searching for those things he was missing in his life, though he knew not what they were.

At a certain time of his life he came to a realisation he had no purpose, direction or anchor in his life. He had no understanding of what love meant or what a true family was like. In fact he came to see himself as an orphan as everything he needed had been taken from him.

He found himself alone with no one around him and in this place he spoke some strange words to one who walked at a distance to him.

Part of these words were, that at the age of 40 years he would die and they were spoken with complete understanding and acceptance of what he had spoken.

Staying the path two years later when he was forty he found himself at a door he never expected to be in front of, a church door.

It was here that he heard of a man who came from heaven, was born to a virgin, who went about his father's business even at an early age, who died upon a wooden cross for all the evils man had committed from the beginning of time, so that they could be reconciled back to their true Father who was in heaven.

These words gave him hope and he thought, is this what love is, to lay down ones life so others could live a greater life in the now and a life that was meant to be for all men from the beginning of time.

Because the little boy inside a grown man was so thirsty he drank and drank of these words of life and dedicated himself to follow the man who had done all things who name was called Jesus unto eternity and so he has done.

He learnt about many things, what grace, mercy and compassion are. How to walk in Jesus's righteousness and truth. However the little boy's sadness remained in him for he had not learnt the greatest lesson which was what love is and how in receiving this love it would give him a purpose and a family so large that he would not be able to count the number of them.

At the moment realisation came to him about love, he fell down in worship and cried out the Father and the Son, Jesus of Nazareth thanking them for so loving their creation which included all men who had a heart of the truth of all things and shedding his blood for them so they too could become part of his family whilst they had life on this earth and a greater life in a time to come.

Praise and thanks also was given for his living God, saviour and friend had also given him a purpose, which was ministry of reconciliation to all men upon this earth who were like him, lost and bound in grief and sadness.

Many tears were shed along this path for many years till he found his living soul at peace with itself and a wholeness that filled him to the brim. Its name was love and that love was Jesus Christ, God Almighty, the loving Father to all mankind.

His sadness diminished but it would never leave him for it was part of who he was in this life here on earth. He learnt though through the teaching of his saviour how to harness that sadness in God's love to show and tell others how he found his purpose in this life.

Even today though he may have many brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts and mothers he still walks the highways and byways for he knows here in that place he will find the lost sheep who are seeking the same answers he went searching for so many years ago.

Yes his words are, unto all mankind a saviour was born which thanks and praise need to be given to the Father in heaven for, but the greater message Jesus bought and showed was the sacrifice made freely by him so all men could be reconciled back to him.

This is LOVE, the love of God and hence Paul's words, I preach nothing but Christ crucified. So it has been spoken so the true disciples do 365 days of each passing year.

Each and everyone lives who have followed after Christ from then till the present day a high price has been paid, the blood of the living lamb who now is seated at the right hand of the Father in heaven.

A time is coming when a wedding feast will take place and all those who have been bought by this high price and have followed diligently after him will have a seat at the table and at the head of that table will Jesus Christ himself.