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We live, move, and create according to our belief systems. If our faith is small, we think small. We create small. We offer small solutions to great problems. Not so with the Kingdom. The Kingdom has vast expansive potential, power, and vision.

The Parable of Two Legs made One

One leg.By The Empowered Kingdom

The was a village that bound its children's legs together at birth. They had done this for so many years that they all walked on one leg, while the other limp, emmaciated, and lame leg dragged behind.

If anyone asked,  "Why do we all walk on one leg?" the answer would be, "Because the other is too weak for us. So we bind it to the strong leg to make us whole."

Then if one of the villagers seemed to doubt this answer, an elder would say, "Come let me show you. Let us unwrap the dragging leg and see if you can stand on it."

The villager would try to stand on the weakened leg and fall to the ground!

"You see!" says the elder, "That is why we bind that leg to the other. Now do you understand?"

"Yes," says the villager. He binds up his leg and goes his way, with the question settled in his mind forever.

Then one day, he gets married to a wife who also walks on one leg, and they have their first child.

And then they bind their child's leg, - one to the other.

Pray that the Lord may reveal the meaning of this parable to you, as it relates to the Kingdom and the church.

The Empowered Kingdom

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