The Parable of Two Legs bound as One (Part 2)

Part 2 of a parable about the Kingdom and the church.

Please first read Part 1 of “The Parable of Two Legs made One.”

In the village where they bind every person’s two legs into one, the people had to walk on crutches. The left hand held one crutch. The right hand held another crutch. This is how they lived. Both legs bound together as one. And, both hands full and occupied.

“Why are our hands bound?” a curious member would sometimes ask.

“To hold up the head so that it can see, and so that it can speak,” a respected leader would reply.

“If you let go of the crutches with your hands, the whole body will fall to the ground, and so will the head.”

“Oh!” said the member…

“Now I understand that I am doing a great work. This must be what I am called to do.”

And so the entire body becomes increasingly committed to the notion that its hands are called to maintain the body on crutches, and they never think to question this state of affairs.

First, the two legs are bound as one. Then the hands are kept occupied with holding tightly onto their crutches.


The Kingdom and the church are the legs of the same body, and both should function fully in balanced support of each other.

When the Kingdom is bound to the whims of the church, its connection to the body weakens until it atrophies. This is the result of a body with one leg bound to the other.

Now when the body has lost its balance, the hands are given the work of maintaining balance (the status quo), so that the head (the pulpit), is protected and may continue to speak.

Jesus told us to preach that the Kingdom is at hand, and in our midst.

Jesus taught us to pray, “Thy Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven.”

We have two legs. Not just one.

When both are free to walk together in balance with each other, the hands are set free to serve the Lord.

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