How Long Does it Takes to lose 10 Pounds

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How Long Does it Take to Lose 10 Pounds

The right way to train

The recipe for losing 10 kg in weight is simple: use more energy than you take in with your food. Choose a physical activity that you enjoy and (or at least find the least uncomfortable) and exercise at least 3 times a week. It's not the type of exercise that matters, but the regularity and alternation of activity and rest. You lose weight not when you exercise, but when you rest!


A 3km run three times a week is better than a 20km run once a month. To lose 10kg you need to make exercise an organic part of life. Run if you don't like gyms. Swim if you don't like running. Walk for an hour at a time, do some exercise at home - find the kind of exercise you can do regularly and for a long time.


A balanced diet for losing 10kg

It's not a gruelling diet but a proper, healthy diet. Some foods may need to be avoided altogether or cut back to a minimum. Alcohol, carbonated drinks, sugary drinks like Cola, sweets, mayonnaise, sausages and frankfurters are on the blacklist. Cereals, pulses, fresh fruit and vegetables and lean poultry should form the basis of the daily diet.


It is important that you have a varied menu and that your daily calorie intake is less than the amount of energy you spend on movement. The easiest way to lose 10 kg without dieting is to use LetBeFit's ready-made meal delivery service. We offer a delicious, varied and healthy menu for a week with a metered amount of calories. You won't have to count them yourself - our chefs do it for you. At the same time, the appetising dishes and original recipes mean you won't be tempted to go to McDonald's in the evening for a burger.

A safe pace to lose weight

People tend to strive for quick results, which is why men and women often want to lose 10kg in a month. This is possible but with reservations. This is because it is harmful to our bodies to gain and lose weight fast, so losing weight at such a fast pace may pose risks. The body needs time to adjust to the changes. Do not underestimate the problems associated with losing weight too fast: the consequences can be very difficult to deal with.


Doctors insist that a safe rate of weight loss is 0.5-2 kg per week. Don't try to lose weight faster! The least difficult thing that can appear as a result of the race for minus ten pounds a month is stretched skin: only a plastic surgeon can lift it. A disturbed metabolism caused by weight loss will be much more difficult to rectify.


Accordingly, the minimum time for losing 10 kg in 5 weeks. Slower is better, but faster is not advisable, and if necessary, weight loss should be supervised by an endocrinologist. It is worthwhile consulting an endocrinologist when you are overweight because a higher BMI than the norm can be both the cause and the consequence of health problems. For example, weight gain creates the risk of insulin resistance, and insulin resistance leads to weight gain. Yes, it's a vicious cycle.


Insulin resistance is a condition where tissues do not take up insulin, and when insulin and blood sugar levels are normal, the body does not get enough glucose. This causes a strong, uncontrollable feeling of hunger, a rise in sugar levels and may eventually lead to diabetes mellitus. It is impossible to diagnose this condition without laboratory tests, but with the right therapy, it is quickly corrected. It may turn out that after seeing a doctor, you won't have to decide how to lose 10kg, because you will lose weight without any dieting.

What you need to do before losing 10 kg

Calculate your actual and optimal body mass index and make sure that you really need to lose 10 kg.

Consult a good general practitioner and endocrinologist to make sure that the weight gain is not related to a health problem.

Keep a diary of your sleep, diet, bad habits and physical activity.

You will need to make some adjustments to your lifestyle and firstly you need to find out what your actual situation is. Often people think that they don't eat much, move enough and lack of sleep is the exception to the rule. Don't rely on feelings and impressions, note the number of hours you sleep, meal times and menus, frequency of exercise, smoking, drinking alcohol. This way, after a month, you get a clear picture of how to balance your diet and improve your lifestyle in order to lose weight easily and effectively.


Why you can't lose 10kg in 7 days

The net is full of advice on how to lose weight in a week without exercising. As a rule, advisers offer miracle diets promising that with their help you will slip into your favourite dress or jeans in just 7 days. But it's important to realize that this is cheating or self-deception because even if you completely stop eating, it's physically impossible to lose 10 pounds in a week. If you somehow manage to do so, seek medical help urgently: there is an acute illness or pathology that is destroying your body.


What happens when you try to lose 10kg in a week? To begin with, it should be said that the first to 'leave' the body is not fatty tissue, but fluid. It can be up to 3 kg of weight. This explains the "miracle" effect of some diets: the loss of fluid causes a decrease of 2 to 3 kg in weight, so it seems that restricting the diet works. But this is an illusion. You may experience signs of exhaustion while on a restrictive diet:



dizziness and fainting;

nervousness and irritability;

constant tiredness and fatigue;

worsening of chronic diseases;

Disorders of digestion and stools.