You can LEAD, You can FOLLOW Or YOU Get OUT OF The Way....

There are people who make things happen, people who watch other people making things happen and people who DON'T know something is HAPPENING. Which group do you belong to regarding the Saving Of America?

Republicans in Congress will not say it, but they are HELPLESS in turning back the Democrat agenda. Republicans simply don't have the body count and the Dems KNOW THIS which is why they are being so aggressive in passing legislation.

States can NULLIFY UNCONSTITUTIONAL LAWS, but YOU have to be a force behind the CALL FOR NULLIFICATION.


1. contact state legislatures (both Representatives & Senators) via email and send a message. (you do not have to live in a state to contact its legislature).
2. copy & paste the following into your message - drop in the appropriate state name and governor's name.

It is plain as can be the US Congress, in the hands of the Democrats, is on a transformation mission that will be detrimental to our Republic. __(state)__ can be part of the firewall that prevents such a disaster, but also ___(state)____ cannot act alone, therefore communications such as this will be found in ALL the red states. It will be proof, together we stand, divided we fall.

I am strongly asking ___(Governor)___ to work with __(state)__ Legislature and use Tenth Amendment to the Constitution, which plainly states that if the states, who are the creators of the federal government, have not specifically given them authority, that authority rests with the states and the people of the state.
"The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people."

Nullify all 1st Amendment Restrictions
Nullify all federal efforts to undermine the 2nd Amendment
Nullify open border policies
Nullify the anti-police agenda
Nullify all federal efforts to preserve fraudulent voting procedures

A response, specific to the above points is requested.
(end of message)

In the wisdom of the founding fathers we find, "One of them was the ability by the states to “nullify” federal laws and even Supreme Court decisions. As most conservatives know, nullification is when a State decides to not abide by a federal law, regulation or even a Federal court ruling by simply refusing to enforce it. "

Bottom line - powers not given to the federal government via the Constitution lay squarely with the states. Article One, Section 8 spells out the federal government's powers and thereby defines what is NOT in its power. If it is not spelled out in the Constitution it is UNLAWFUL and the states can, indeed, reject any as such.

We have before us, a Democrat agenda which seeks to transform America at the expense of everyday American liberties. You know them, you have feelings about them, you have opinions about them. So let's list what is front and center as pointed out by Steve Baldwin of The American Thinker:

Limiting Your 1st Amendment Rights
Limiting Or Eliminating Your 2nd Amendment Rights
Allowing Open Borders or Perpetuating Policies
Restricting Or Eliminating Police
Restricting, Eliminating Or Controlling State Voting Process Or Installing, Approving Or Perpetuating Fraudulent Voting Practices


Conservatives have witnessed the trampling of the US Constitution in the course of the 2020 election. Further, the illegality of processes implemented were left to die on the vine when the SCOTUS bailed on hearing even the merits on countless fraudulent activities. One justice, Clarence Thomas, stood tall and made known America would suffer from the court's decline to hear ANY cases. The suffering has started and the Democrats are seeking to enlarge their strangle hold upon Americans.

For a great reference to this subject see Steve Baldwin' s article:


Conservatives Use The 10th Amendment To Protect Liberty