How to use USA.Life

USA.Life How to Guide

To get the most out of USA.Life, follow these steps:

1) Register

Click on Register at https://USA.Life
Enter your username (alpha numeric no spaces)
Add your information
Load your avatar picture for your profile
Press save when asked

2) Follow pages and groups that interest you

Click on Home
Click on Explore
Choose Pages
LIKE the Pages you want
Choose Groups
LIKE the Groups you want

3) Become FRIENDs

Click on Home
Click on Explore
Send a FRIEND request to the people you want to be friends with
Invite your family, friends, church, groups and work to be friends. This can be done where on your Home page where it says invite friends. You will also see a place where you can invite your Facebook friends.

4) Write posts to share what you think.

Click on Home
In the box in the center that says "What's Going On," write your message.
Press POST to post

5) Update your privacy settings.

Click on the three dots on the top right
In the dropdown menu choose General Settings
Select Privacy
Choose the privacy you desire
Press Save

You can create a Page if you are a public figure or have a business, and you can create Groups - both public and private.

Now, click on Home so you are on your timeline and share something, load a photo album and explore.


What can I do?
What is the cost? Everyone gets a free account. If you want to help us fund the operations and expand, then become a pro member or donate.
What can I post? You can post text, pictures, links (news stations, youtube, brighteon...), videos, audio and more.
What is the size limit? The size limit of pictures, audio and videos is 28MB. You can link to video websites for long videos of any size.
Is there a phone App? We are making the app now. Android first. Then iOS. We will keep you updated as soon as they are available.
How can I help? USA.Life is working to be the #1 social network for the USA. You can help by getting the word out to everyone you know, writing about USA.Life and inviting groups you know, news stations, churches and others to join.
How do I set notifications? In the dropdown on the top right, you can change your notification settings. Choose how often you want emails and notices.
Is there an update to the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy? The Code of Coduct, Terms of Service, Privacy Policy and other documents are updated at https://www.USA.Life.
When are the rewards coming out? Those who helped with the crowdfunding will get their rewards by March 31st. Thanks. You helped save the Internet - with freedom, privacy and real news!
I signed up to be a Pro member. Thanks. You are making a difference! Because not all the required funding came in, we still wanted to launch the best site possible for you. Due to not having all the funding, we can not block ads for pro members. So we are giving you the ability to boost some posts and recognition in the pro banner instead. After you reregister, contact us and we will update your account to pro member after you create your account. We also will try to look for those who helped with the crowdfunding and got pro member status by giving $50 or more.
When is 1776Free search engine launching? We are continuing to crowdfund to raise the money to finish 1776Free. As we had partial fundraising, we launched USA.Life first.
Can I Donate? To help add new capabilities, build the phone app, make a more family safe website and add customer support staff, you can send a donation payable to USA.Life. Mail to: ATTN: Steven Andrew, USA.Life, 2059 Camden Ave. #280, San Jose, CA 95124. Thanks.

Social media on the Internet is now saved. No more censoring American and Christian beliefs.

Without USA.Life, freedom and privacy could have been lost forever, but now we have the solution!

You are part of a select group getting early access. So don't worry if you don't see many people when you re-register. Thousands of people signed up for their free account and should get it soon.

Our Terms of Service, Code of Conduct and Privacy Policy have been updated.