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We tell you how to make beautiful Instagram stories in a simple way to capture the attention of your followers.

Although Instagram initially emerged as a gallery to share photos, or watch instagram stories anonymously have gained prominence on the social network. So much so that, of the more than 1,000 million users that Instagram has, around 500 million use the stories on a daily basis. We tell you how to make beautiful Instagram stories in a simple way to capture your followers' attention.

The stories, which appear on your profile for only 24 hours, have been, little by little, gaining ground over the traditional post. Posting a story on Instagram is very simple: you just have to enter your account, click on your profile picture, and open the story editor. The easiest way to post one is by selecting an image from your gallery or taking it directly from Instagram Stories. From there, the options are endless. 



Selecting a good photo or video will be the first step in editing a story, and with these simple tips, you will know how to make beautiful and easy Instagram stories.

Go for the simple: sometimes, there is also good taste in the simple. Adjust the image leaving a thin space on the edges as a frame and, if the photo is good, the story will be too. 


Choose a good filter: To improve the image, swipe right to choose the filter that best suits the image. 

The effects always add up: to give it a more original touch, add one of the visual effects that appear by pressing the little stars in the editor at the top. 

Give it an emotional touch with music: if you want a noted story, accompany it with a song. Then, in the dropdown of Instagram effects, select the "music" option, where you can search among numerous available pieces.  



Suppose you want to publish an original story on Instagram that is out of the "typical" that we see daily in all profiles. In that case, you can use some of these applications, with which you will see how to make beautiful Instagram stories without much difficulty.

You will need to create the story outside of Instagram and then post it directly (as if it were a photo or video) to the social network. On the Internet, you will find multiple options; here, we give you three examples of easy-to-use and free apps. 

  • Unfold

This app offers you templates to create Instagram stories with simple and quite elegant lines. It has a free version and a premium version. The first has different options that combine several images, color changes in the backgrounds, text fonts different from those of Instagram. More than enough for a personal account. Available for both Android and the App Store, it has a score of 4.5 and 4.7 respectively from users. 

  • Canva 

The online design editor has its version to create Instagram stories, not only beautiful but already practically done. With different styles (from fresh to elegant, going through vintage, etc.); In addition to having infinite possibilities, the templates are practically elaborate. You will only have to select your photos and let the application, well-rated by users, do the rest. 

  • CutStories 

If you are more into video than photos, this application can help you. For one thing, it shortens videos to fit the length of Instagram stories (15 seconds). On the other hand, it allows you to add effects, filters, stickers. To give your publications an original touch. 



Now that you know how to make beautiful Instagram stories; The following ideas will also help you to publish stories that attract the attention of your followers and create expectations. 

  • One of the most used ways to attract the attention of your followers is to announce that you have published a new post on Instagram. When viewing the story with this information, users will also enter your profile to discover the newly published image. 
  • The countdown is another utility of Instagram Stories that allows you to generate expectations. If you want to announce an important event for you, such as a party or a birthday, this is a way for your followers to stay tuned to your account. 
  • Questions, surveys, or questionnaires: these are other options that, in addition to attracting the attention of your followers, encourage you to talk and interact with them.