Cooked vs. raw dog food: Which one is right for your dog's needs

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Cooked vs. raw dog food: Which one is right for your dog's needs

ESA, in simple terms, can be defined as seeking emotional support through your pet animals. To avail ESA, you need to get approval from a licensed psychologist in the form of an ESA Letter. Once you have your letter signed, you can easily consult any service provider to deliver you your emotional support animal.


Emotional Support Animal or ESA is a revolutionized method to treat patients suffering from mental illnesses to get out of their trapped minds and get engaged with reality. According to recent research, ESA has proven to be a significantly effective and friendly therapy in comparison to conventional treatments to treat mental illnesses.


However, before availing ESA services, you need to ensure the care and health of the animal become your responsibility once you sign it under your name. You have to consistently care for and look after your animal with vigor to ensure its safety and health. But on the bright side, availing ESA allows you to stay intact with reality. The need to repeatedly tend your animal keeps you alert and focused, thus lowering your anxiety and depression levels.


Therefore, you need to first commit to yourself to improve your health before signing up for ESA. It is also the job of the doctor to evaluate your mental condition and physical competency first before signing you with an emotional support animal letter. Also, when it comes to choosing ESA, most individuals prefer hypoallergenic dogs since they are low maintenance and easy to look after compared to other animals.


Once you have adopted your desired ESA or ESD (emotional support dog), you need to be aware of all of its needs, from eating habits, cleaning times, common diseases, suitable diet, etc., for your dog to keep it active and healthy. Especially when it comes to food types, ensuring which type of food best suits your dog's needs is compulsory. In the following section, we have provided a detailed guide as to what types of food are best suitable for your dog and why feeding your dog with cooked food is a preferable option to feeding him raw foods.


What are Raw Foods for Dogs


Raw foods for dogs are mostly uncooked meat, fish or poultry, or a combination of all. However, since these foods are not USDA certified, these uncooked raw foods may also include carcasses or meat from dead or sick animals. This rejected, or substandard meat can severely impact the digestive system of your dogs. Raw foods are also commercially made, but they are not devoid of tempered or substandard meat that can interfere with the health and vitality of the animal.


Risks Associated with Feeding Raw Food To Your Dog


Introduction of Deficiencies Among Dogs


Studies have revealed that prolonged feeding of substandard raw food to your dog can lead to malnutrition and the imbalancing of hormones in your dog. The lack of organic dog food in their diet can lead to a severe deficiency of Vitamin E.


Contamination with Pathogens


Raw meat is easily contaminated and attacked by malicious pathogens. These invisible bacteria are not only harmful to humans but are damaging to animal health. Most of the commercially available raw food for a dog is not only properly processed but lacks preservatives that keep the food clear of contaminating bacteria. Consequently esa letter for housing, infections due to Salmonella and E. coli are common among dogs.


GI Injury


Gastrointestinal injuries among dogs are common eating processed raw foods. Most of these processed meats have bones assimilated in the dietary material that can prove hazardous for the digs eating them. These bones can not only damage the digestive tract but can cause tooth fractures and tears in the intestinal tract. For more information regarding an ESA letter visit

Consequently, cooked food, preferably at home, is a better option to feed your dogs since it is prepared under sanitary conditions, is deboned, and thoroughly filtered of any bacteria or harmful pathogen that ensure that your dog is being fed properly and proportionally.

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