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This drama series, written by veteran journalist Duma ka Ndlovu, portrays the conflict
between the modern lifestyle of South Africans in the 1990s juxtaposed with the ancient.

A notable family show, Muvhango is a story around two pieces of a comparative family doing combating about inheritance, impact, money and the wide range of various things. The story begins when Mashudu Mukwevho, at first from country Venda, fails horrendously in Johannesburg in the arms of his significant other, Catherine. Regardless, it happens that Mashudu has a standard companion in Venda. The two mates become drawn in with a volatile over their life partner's body.


The soapie addresses the conflict among present day and customary characteristics.


I really Love Muvhango!

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I really Love Muvhango, it is the fundamental show on Sa t.v. that truly reflects the african experience, and does it actually. You can see the writers totally research the issues and reflect them well. It is similarly amazing that there is an afternoon show that reflects certifiable ideals, they should truly drop it to 20:00! I never see any drinking, getting squandered, bed-hopping and vulgar langauge whereasin on an ideal time soapie that I won't make reference to, everybody includes the bar as a directing conversation.


For instance Ive noticed a couple of performances and soapies where, the individual explodes, enraged, or puzzled and a short time later anounces "It's just as simple as that need a drink" what message could we say we are transporting off our experience growing up? Then when they abuse alcohol because theyve been shown its a strategy for conveying pressure, then, at that point, we wonder where they got it from.


Beside that Muvhango is the principal medium to educate, us the watchers about the Venda public and culture. It has done unprecedented marvels for Venda. Before that what sum did we really know about Venda?




The Beginning


The principal season and episode of Muvhango started off with Mashudu Mukwevho, an effective money manager and a boss in pausing, passing on from a coronary failure, leaving his two altogether different spouses Catherine, what his identity is lawfully hitched to, yet for the most part viewed as the subsequent wife, and Vho-Masindi, his conventional standard wife, battling about the privileges to cover his body.


Mashudu's demise put into high gear a chain of irreversible responses that set the two spouses in opposition to one another.


The 13 episodes of Season 1 spun around the many legal disputes and counter legal disputes between the two spouses as the courts attempted to figure out who had the legitimate case over Mashudu's body... the spouse with the authoritative record or the conventional standard wife?


This question was at the core of Muvhango as it embodied the battle between the West from one viewpoint and African traditions and customs on the other.


The show turned into a genuine impression of the South African culture with components of culture, custom, notion and black magic implanted into the characters' lives. The show advocated the Venda culture, the fundamental language utilized in the series.


Being a minority social gathering in South Africa, it stays outlandish and supernatural. Who can fail to remember the location of Mashudu's final resting place nearly detonating as it was being brought down, bringing about the memorial service being canceled, and the question of who might cover Mashudu unsettled?

 Muvhango today episode

Muvhango returned briefly season in 1998 and it had proactively turned into a municipality and town song of devotion, catapulting its entertainers to superstardom.


Season 2 zeroed in on Mashudu's heritage. Catherine Mokoena, his city spouse with whom he had two youngsters, Edward and Agnes (who later is uncovered not to be his kid), and vho-Masindi, his conventional wife with whom he had 3 youngsters, Azwindini, Lufuno and Tshianeo, were ensnared in a severe battle about Mashudu's home.


The Mokoena family, from Catherine's side stood firm to shield her. The Mukwevho family agreed with Vho-Masindi, whom they saw as the real spouse and her child Azwindini. The Mukwevho versus Mokoena quarrel was conceived despite everything works out in full fury.


Mashudu was a boss in holding up before his troublesome passing. Season 2 brought the issue of the chieftaincy fight to the fore...who was to succeed Mashudu as the head of Thathe town?


Mashudu had two children, Azwindini and Edward, making them both qualified for the high position. There was a third component of Vho-Mukondeleli who accepted that her child Lambani was the legitimate beneficiary of the high position. The battlefronts were set.


Azwindini was in the long run considered the legitimate successor to the privileged position by the Mukwevho family seniors after bunches of discussion and struggle. Those are the components which have charmed the show to the watchers and developed its fame.


Azwindini's crowning ritual as head of Thathe was one of the show's vital crossroads.


From Drama to Soapie


At the point when Muvhango went to Season 4 it had shown off itself abilities as a very good quality TV product to the telecaster, with monstrous watcher evaluations. The show moved from area to studio.


The SABC's Henley studios turned into the new home of Muvhango and it was communicated three evenings per week, Monday to Wednesday. The show likewise made a smooth progress from show to chronic or soapie concerning storylines.


The show has implanted the components of the current drama and extreme emotion together to make a practical portrayal of the South African culture.


The accounts rotated around the immortal circle of drama between Edward Mukwevho and the two ladies in his day to day existence, the plotting and manipulative trouble maker Doobsie Khumalo and the genuine romance of his life Thandaza Buthelezi, the doomed and lovely great beauty.


The Mukwevho and Mokoena family fight rose to conspicuousness. Muvhango's traditional second was Edward's big day to Thandaza. They had at last made it together in the wake of plotting endeavors by Doobsie to keep them separated. Anyway Edward turned out to be fooled into wedding Doobsie when the two ladies appeared in chapel, both in wedding outfits!


Edward at long last figured out how to get along with Thandaza and again they set a wedding date. On the day, Edward met his awkward passing minutes after the conventional "I do" promises.


The Conflict


5 April, 2007 saw Muvhango develop from being communicated three evenings every week to four evenings per week. The accounts actually mirror the Venda town life and the city life in Johannesburg. The components of African culture and custom are still as urgent to the storylines as they were in April 1997.


New storylines consistently converged with Muvhango's ethos, and new characters like Pheko, Lufuno, Ndalamo and others shaped piece of the Mukwevho and Mokoena families.


The family fights between the Mukwevhos and Mukoenas currently become the dominant focal point inside Mukwevho Milling's meeting room, the family flour plant organization that was shaped through the returns of Mashudu's bequest by his late spouse Catherine.


The two families continually fight over the ability to control the organization which prompts loads of double-crossing and selling out inside MM's workplaces and passageways.


The Thathe town has likewise developed throughout the long term under Azwindini's initiative as a boss, with his two spouses Susan and Pfuluwani. Thandaza's life of misfortune and enduring has additionally stayed a charming component to watchers.


Muvhango has additionally gone through significant advances and development of its center cast throughout the long term. A portion of the show's unique cast individuals are still as much piece of the duplicity, foul play and show of Muvhango now, as they were in Season 1.


Project individuals who have been with the show since Episode 1 are Sindi Dlathu as Thandaza, Murabeli Rasalanavho as Vho-Mukondeleli and Mahumela Mahuwa as Susan.


Muvhango keeps on recounting the intriguing story of two parts of one family destroyed and how they fight to attempt to hold together through everything. It is about family values, and the strength of families keeping intact.


The show has additionally stayed consistent with its vision of recounting the genuine African renaissance story and culture.




Muvhango is delivered by Word of Mouth Productions and has been leader created by Duma Ndlovu since its commencement. The first content was composed by Ndlovu.


The ongoing Head Writer is Carol Shore, who has been Head of Department: Scripts starting around 2004. Kaizer Netshitangane and Ndivhuwo Mutsila have filled in as Muvhango's Venda social counselors from commencement.


Chief Producer

Duma Ndlovu


Partner Producers

Sikhumbuzo Mbatha

Mmamitse Thibedi

Anna Lope



Kgatonlte Mdleleni

Duma Ndlovu

Brenda Mukwevho




Muvhango won two honors at the second Annual South African Film and Television Awards (SAFTAs) in 2007:


Best Supporting Actress in a TV Soap: Velephi Mnisi

Best Music Composition in a TV Soap: Musa Mhlongo




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