Most Popular Indian Porn Actresses 2022

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India is the land where Kamasutra was written. Therefore, Indians are more into sex than most cultures around the world. But, when it comes to the porn industry, you will not see many Indians there. However, there are many pornstars in the industry that you don’t even know that they are

Nowadays, Indians also have a porn industry and they are not just only dependent on the US. And, also there is this gigantic US-based global porn industry. Now, many Indians are performing in the porn industry in the country. However, when it comes to finding popular Indian porn actresses, we would have to focus on the global porn industry. The reason for that is men and women from all over the world look up to that porn industry and if you can make it big there, then you are truly a huge porn star, at least the world will recognize you. 

So, when you go through the collection of Indian black porno on various porn sites, you will notice that most of the Indian porn stars whose porn videos you watch don’t seem to be Indian. However, in reality, they are Indian porn stars who are mesmerising everyone around the world. You might have so many favourite Indian porn stars without even knowing they are Indian. So, in this article, let’s reveal some of the most popular Indian porn stars that you have to check out in 2022.

Sunny Leone

You will now see Sunny in Bollywood. However, a few years back, she was one of the most popular porn stars in the world. She is her sexy blue hair and 34C tits mesmerised her audience. You can still find her sex videos which are truly incredible to watch. 

Marina Maya

You will hardly find a more beautiful Indian porn star than Marina Maya. She has intoxicating eyes that will keep you enchanted to watch her even more. She has several amazing free XXX videos that will surely make you a fan of her. She truly has a body that you would love to stare at. 

Priya Rai

When it comes to legendary Indian porn actresses, Priya Rai will be the first name you should mention. She has done so many XXX movies and has got fucked in so many ways that you just can’t but become a fan of her. Really knows how to get her audience excited during her scenes.

Jazmine Star

One of the hottest and among the most popular porn stars in the world, Jazmine Star is a true MILF. If you are into MILFs then she will attract you in all sorts of ways. Her face is so beautiful that while she gets fucked, you would still be staring at her face. Her 34C melons will also be a treat for your eyes and that is why you just cannot miss her. 

Gaya Patal

The girl from, Haryana in India, is the porn star imported from the land of Kamasutra and she is tearing this industry up now. Whether it is getting roughed or anally fucked or a gangbang, Gaya is not shying away from anything. And, that is why her porn movies are getting so much attention from the audience because she is that good. 

Maya Bazin

Well, she hasn’t done many porn videos but she has done enough to become a fan favourite. She is such a beautiful babe that you would be delighted to have in your bed. Her smile is very attractive along with sexy blue eyes. That is why Maya Bazin is surely one of the top porn stars working in the US-based global porn industry.

Final Thoughts

Finally, these are some of the best Indian porn stars that you check out in 2022. Once you see them, you will also become a fan of them. They are very popular globally and you will surely understand why they have such a large fan base by watching their videos.