How to customize the printing tape and what problems should we pay attention to?

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Original title: How to customize printing tape and what problems should we pay attention to? Customized printing tape matters needing attention. There are many uses of printing tape in life. What are the requirements and precautions for customized printing tape? Let's take a look. 1. About the choice of color Transparent bottom plus logo printing tape, the cost of transparent bottom is low, and the viscosity is relatively stronger than the color bottom,keychain tape measure, because the color bottom needs to add color paste, which affects the viscosity to a certain extent. In terms of cost,custom tape measure, the price of transparent bottom and beige bottom is the lowest, then white, and other colors such as black bottom, custom tailor tape ,seamstress measuring tape, red bottom and blue bottom are the highest. 2. About the royalty : The first time to do printing sealing tape, each tape manufacturer will charge printing plate fee, because the first time to do a printing copperplate, one color needs one plate, two colors need two plates, it will charge two plate fees. 3. About proofing Printing sealing tape cannot be proofed, because the process and time of producing a roll is the same as that of producing a batch. Only the electronic draft can be provided to confirm the printing content and color. As for the quality problem, the sealing tape previously customized by other customers can be provided to the customer for confirmation. 4. About Minimum Order Quantity : Some friends are worried about the quality problem or the demand quantity is not so large. They want to order dozens of rolls to try. There is no way, because there is a minimum order quantity for customized printing sealing tape. The minimum order quantity is a semi-finished product. There is no way to customize a small batch. The platform connects the upstream and downstream of the adhesive industry, providing convenience for users to purchase and market. At the same time, it provides relevant industry information and tape knowledge, so that enterprise development and learning can be combined. So,mini tape measure, if you have any questions about tape, you may as well come to to find the answer! Return to Sohu , see more Responsible Editor:.