Free Stuff

We all know Democrats just adore free stuff. It turns out they’re not the only ones. Conservatives love free stuff too.

Free Stuff

This is a completely unsolicited article.  USA.Life has not requested, commisioned, authorized or recognized this article in any way, shape or form.  If you feel any animosity after reading this piece please, aim it where it’s deserved… me, Kimiko K. Komatsu.

We all know Democrats just adore free stuff.  It turns out they’re not the only ones.  Conservatives love free stuff too.

Democrats think everyone loves and wants free stuff.  They feel so strongly that they’ve based their entire political party around promising every sort of freebie imaginable and the gullible and greedy can’t get enough of it.  They want more and more.  A smidgen of observation proves that phenomenon isn’t limited to the Left.

Many of us are battle-scarred veterans of other social media venues.  We’ve been abused, threatened, banned, barred, ostracized, exorcised, placed in social media prison and generally treated like excrement of the non-human type… and all of this was done to us completely free of charge.  We never received a bill.  OK, in all honesty there was a bill, but you paid it without giving them a check or a debit or credit card number.  The bill was your life and your children’s lives. 

Every “free” social media outlet has farmed you like animals and sold everything they could take from you, often without your consent or knowledge.  They couldn’t care less if you were harmed by their predatory practices.  In fact, they wouldn’t even bother to tell you when they sold your information or even when, due to their extremely poor security, your information was stolen and resold to the highest bidder.  When you come right down to it, that's a pretty high price to pay for something supposedly “free.”

If that weren’t enough, as of late, they've come to feel like the ultimate social justice warriors.  They want something else from you… now they want your freedom(s).  The price is beginning to become exorbitant, isn’t it?  It’s not “free” is it? 

I don’t know if any of you have noticed USA.Life is having problems.  At times they appear to be hanging on by their eyelids.  There are problems and those problems could be, most likely, solved by an infusion of cash.  USA.Life allows us to come here, and with very few limitations, say whatever we please.  What do they take from you to pay for that?  Nothing that I’ve seen.  I see the occasional request for donations, but we’re not inundated with them.  We’re, for the most part, treated rather well here.  There are premium memberships for sale that provide advantages over and above the free ones and they seem reasonably priced especially if you’re adverse to handing over your hard-earned cash without getting some additional value.  They seemed reasonable enough, to me, that I took one.

My entire point is that we Conservatives are smart enough to realize there’s no free lunch anywhere on this planet and there never has been and probably never will be.  I suggest that, if we value the venue, the abilities offered, and the great company we’ve come to know and sometimes even love, that we pony up and toss a few dollars on the table.  It beats the Hell out of how other places treat you.  I know.  I’ve been booted, banned, and barred from a few.  I’m being selfish.  I would hate to see this place fail and I don’t care what anyone tells you… without proper funding this rather nice place, will, one day cease to exist.  I think that’s a crying shame when for the price of a few cups of coffee we could all continue to enjoy and benefit.

If anyone has been angered or insulted, in any way, for any reason, please… realize the source… me, and abuse accordingly.