CELEBRATION OF LIFE EVENT 2021 | Guest Speaker: Dr Haywood Robinson. Reserve your spot today. https://www.kydoctorsforlife.org/events


Get out in your community and do something good to uplift FATHERHOOD!
Rev. Charles Elliott Jr. who is hosting this March walked and worked with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


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God, Country, Christianity

In case someone misses this elsewhere, I want to make it clear that I nor anyone who runs AFA of KY hates any person who runs into the foul waters of sin. Some acts by persons are so hideous that NO reasonable, caring person could love them. But to God, sin is sin and Christ died for every sinner -- all of us, and even the worst of the worst. All can be forgiven if they will repent and turn to follow Christ as Lord and Saviour. And through Christ we can love even the worst while standing firm.