This video of the Rest Of The News analyzes the first week of aftermath after former President Trump had his home raided in Mara-Lago, an unprecedented event in the nation's political history.


Who are the entities trying to impose control on sovereign countries? World Economic Forum and the United Nations are seeking to control the world, with an agenda to be completed by 2030. It is happening now.


The rot that proceeded the fall of Rome is well known to have been preceded by decadence, irresponsibility, and moral collapse. Today we see the same markers that have collapsed other societies in our own country. One may, in fact, make the case that this pervades the western culture. But examine two that inflame the passion here in the USA: moral degradation in gender propaganda AND complete abdication of fiscal responsibility for nefarious aims.

From one agenda to the next, when are we going to stop believing the lies?



God, Country, Christianity

In case someone misses this elsewhere, I want to make it clear that I nor anyone who runs AFA of KY hates any person who runs into the foul waters of sin. Some acts by persons are so hideous that NO reasonable, caring person could love them. But to God, sin is sin and Christ died for every sinner -- all of us, and even the worst of the worst. All can be forgiven if they will repent and turn to follow Christ as Lord and Saviour. And through Christ we can love even the worst while standing firm.