This is not a firearm-related post other than the #2a community is coming together to help a family in need.

We are trying to raise money for our friend Bruna 33 years old. She was diagnosed with Brain cancer. Her situation has gotten so bad, that when she broke her leg a few weeks back, doctors could not even fix her leg. The doctors were afraid that she would not survive the surgery.

Bruna is married and she and her husband have a little baby. Bruna lost the ability to move around and even talking has become pretty much impossible for her. She needs medical care around the clock

So if you are able to help, please pray over it give whatever God has put in your heart.

Thank you.

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Fundraiser by Tiffany Thomas : Help Our Friend Bruna Fight Brain Cancer!

Fundraiser by Tiffany Thomas : Help Our Friend Bruna Fight Brain Cancer!

Cancer sucks and our friend needs your help!  Bruna has brain cancer and he… Tiffany Thomas needs your support for Help Our Friend Bruna Fight Brain Cancer!

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Public support for gun rights is going up while support for gun control is going down

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Our goal is to teach gun safety and not fear of guns. Before you can defend yourself and your family with a firearm, you need to know how to handle your gun safely, aim accurately, and hit your target consistently.