Over 30 years ago I volunteered with a charitable organization and helped them with their quarterly newsletters. I probably did it for 3 to 6 years. This charity focused on helping people with troubled lives, both youth and adults, by pointing them to God, regardless of their religion, and encouraging them to dedicate their live to God, good and improving their lives.

Although the first Door of Truth opened for me in the late 80’, when I was introduced to the illegal De Facto Government that rules America, which then lead me to other Doors of Truth, like the dangers of vaccines, the fraud of orthodox cancer treatments, the persecution of true cancer cures, and other true evil conspiracies being carried out against mankind, I did not get fully engaged in the vaccine issue until 2015, when I became aware of the push to pass SB 277.

Since then, I have dedicated my life to the fight against forced vaccination and have written many documents which I have sent out, from my children’s schools, to news outlets and to many related county, state and federal agencies, up to and including President Trump. Many of these documents are available on my website, CafePeyote, in the Vaccine tab.

It’s been a very difficult fight, with many discouraging loses on our side, especially recently with SB 276 and other attacks nationwide. In my efforts as an Advocate Against Forced Vaccination I even created a Church, to represent God and to help His children in this battle against BigVaxxPharma and our corrupt government for body independence.

At one point around August of 2017 I was overwhelmed, was losing hope on us defeating SB 277 and my focus was in doubt. Then, out of the blue, I received a letter from the charity mentioned above. It contained a letter that was sent to them, with a request that it be forwarded to me. In the letter, a person I have never met and who is completely unaware of my vaccine activism, told me how my work at the charity had helped him change his life for the better. With the letter came a drawing he made and which he dedicated to me. He drew an unborn baby inside the body of mankind, as if it was a planet in the floating universe. Above it is a crucified Jesus Christ, and above that he drew my name. The photo is below.

God works in mysterious ways. This photo not only brought tears to my eyes, but it helped revitalize my hope and faith in my efforts and the importance of what I am doing for my children and yours.
As I explained in my blog, “A Christmas Gift of Hope from Me and My Family to Yours,” when I was 9 to 11 years old I saw in a dream us winning the war against tyranny. See https://tinyurl.com/A-Gift-Of-Hope. The drawing from Victor was a reminder of what my destiny is and that I must persist in my efforts.

Dear Friends, let’s not lose hope in all our efforts, every single thing we do to fight mandatory vaccines, whether a letter to a legislator or even a post on our Facebook page, serves our cause. It is time to focus on our goal, ignore and learn from our loses and then give it all we have, with strength and dedication. It is time to tame the beast of government and the corporate masters that controls it.

May they enemy go down in flames and the Children of God rise in victory. Amen.

Ricardo Beas
Natural Law Church of Health and Healing


From the beginning of my original filing, DOJ Educational Opportunities Division tried to ignore my Complaint, then denied it after my calls and said there was no appeal or reconsideration. The history in my entries. Then I sent a misconduct complaint to the DOJ Inspector General, who sent it back to EOD for review and they tried to ignore it, and after I cornered them and got the name of the person handling the complaint they replied within days and denied it, with no explanation. Response photo below.
For now I will put this in the back-burner as we see what happens in the AG Barr fight with the upcoming reports that could expose corruption that affect us. Cleaning Deep State operatives withing the executive department can be favorable to us.
The HHS Complaint is still under reconsideration and I expect a response withing the next 1-3 months. Although the new rules they issued covered vaccines and schools and appears to close the door on us using the HHS Conscience and Religious Freedoms Division in our vaccine fight, there was one small phrase that shows a possible opportunity. It reads
" The definition specifies that “health care entity” also includes components of State or local governments. The Department does not believe the definitions need to specify further that public school districts providing on‐campus medical care are included. The Department will evaluate the applicability of the rule to public school entities with health care functions according to the facts and circumstances of each case as they arise and the applicable laws."
My Reconsideration Request clearly proves my point that my school district falls withing the definition as noted above. See simply the exhibits to my Complaint at http://www.cafepeyote.com/file....s/Ricardo_Beas_-_VRF

The Reconsideration Request at http://www.cafepeyote.com/file....s/Vaccine_Religious_

Let's keep hoping for the best. Have a great and safe weekend.



In the recent SB 276 MedBoard of CA meeting the members mentioned/implied how they received complaints of doctors issuing vaccine medical exemptions. So let's see how it all began and who started it all. In a few minutes I will be sending the following CA PRA request to my two kids' school district and the San Diego school district, from where that info came out in the news and Pan's hearing about the doctors in our area issuing exemptions.
This is a request for public information under the California Public Records Act. The records sought and to what extent are described below.

1. Any and all documents SENT TO the District by (a) the California Department Public Health, (b) the local County Department of Health and/or (c) the Medical Board of California, from January 1, 2016 to present, requesting information, including names and addresses, and/or records on any and all physicians who have issued any medical exemptions for any student in your District. This includes follow-up correspondence related to such request for physicians’ information.

2. Any and all documents SENT BY the District to (a) the California Department Public Health, (b) the local County Department of Health and/or (c) the Medical Board of California, from January 1, 2016 to present, discussing and/or providing records of such physicians as noted in 1 above, either initiated by the District and/or related follow-up communications.



I was told separately by three different unrelated (I assume) individuals, two of them attorneys and the other a recognized activist in health, that some very good things will happen within the next week and month.

The result of our recent activism with the MedBoard of CA was outstanding, and if the comments above amount to what I hope, this could be a game changer. I cannot share any specifics until I am given all the details, the info comes out or I am authorized to put it out. So for now, I ask you to do a simple prayer:

Lord, we need all the help we can get. Please, let all these activist helping us fight the mandatory vaccine agenda to be successful in all their efforts. AMEN!

Have a great and safe weekend.

Ricardo Beas
Natural Law Church of Health and Healing

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