Hello everyone! Great to see a new platform available for conservatives. I am Randy Purham, Candidate for the US House of Representatives for the great state and "Last Frontier" Alaska. To learn more about me, my positions on issues, and to support my campaign go to www.rpurham4us.com and sign up to stay informed on updates. Thanks in advance.

"ZOOM MEETING! Barack Obama, Pelosi, Holder - Preparing Their Soldiers for Anarchy" https://rumble.com/vjrn9r-zoom....-meeting-barack-obam

Please watch and share.
? Ready to celebrate America with education?
? Is the US Government lawful or lawless?
? What level of Constitutional understanding do you have?
? How bout your family, connections, friends, co-workers?
? Freedom, independence, liberty, good vs. evil, education!
? This movie "Non-Compliance" is KrisAnne Hall's gift to every viewer as she encourages YOU to be engaged, get involved.
? You can help educate everyone around you by SHARING!

Click on this link. https://noncompliantmovie.com/?fbclid=IwAR2qd7xJmUH_oSfGBAVVrIQYikYd2Px4kjkdstW3QB7TpjzZq9FeBFp3eeI


We are an America First Patriots with values similar to our founding fathers of America. We are tired of the two-party system that promised everything & gave nothing. Many in the Republican party have forgotten about what the Republican Platform and values are, and we need to wake them up
We are The Patriot's