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THIS IS SICK! This kid is only 12 years old and will cause your jaw to drop to the floor.


This page is all about AMAZING musicians; beyond the ordinary and above the excellent.

The idea for this page came to me while working with the youth at my church. I would hear conversations that included, “The guitarist in _____ is the best guitarist in the world.” Meanwhile, I am thinking, “You have no clue.”

Recent generations have been dumbed-down as to what real talent and gifting is. IT’S NOT THEIR FAULT; it’s the fault of the media and those that manage that media. They are only responding to what has been available. I am not saying there’s no talent out there recently. They just usually rise to get the attention of the masses.

Therefore, I present to you, AMAZING musicians.

The next time you have a conversation with someone who says that the best singer in the world is Katy Perry, or the best guitarist ever is someone in a “three chord band”, bring them here.

You just may change someone’s future for the better.