We work and have income. Let's use it. First make sure you're off Twitter. We've got to hurt that monster. Second shop locally, don't order online. Get to know your local store owners and workers. Shop small as much as possible. Third, get out of debt. Don't charge when you've got debt to pay off. If you've got land, plant a garden, have a couple of chickens. Keep a reserve of non perishables in your pantry and rotate by date. Be as self-sufficient as possible so an economic down turn doesn't knock you out. Change your lifestyle so it's home and family centered. Engage you kids in fun activities. That's also one way the school system won't have as much influence on them. Go to a church that welcomes patriots.

List of things to prep? I’ll start.
Flour, Sugar, rice, beans, oatmeal, cornmeal, cocoa, pasta, spaghetti sauce, coffee, canned goods, canned meats, toilet paper, wipes, paper towels, napkins, sanitary products, diapers, formula, Nido milk, koolade, Gatorade, salt, pepper, spices, canning equipment. Garden seed and books, equipment.

Any body in MS? I’m in Hattiesburg area.

Hey folks, just want to introduce myself and meet some likeminded people. Im a beginner prepper.